आन्वीक्षिकी सर्वज्ञा                  Ānvīkshikī Sarvajnā               ཨན་ཝིཀ་ཤི་ཀི་ སར་ཝཇ་ན།
आन्वीक्षिकी सर्वज्ञा Ānvīkshikī Sarvajnā ཨན་ཝིཀ་ཤི་ཀི་ སར་ཝཇ་ན།
  • རྫོང་ཁ་

    Be a stakeholder as we research multi-disciplinary approach to Enterprise Risk

    to predict risks (may be find a solution/build Startups), protect value and sustain businesses

    across business cycles and geographies

    using holistic approach

    Resting on a strong foundation laid by traditional sciences

    (Ayurveda (Arboreal, Dietetics & Culinary) & Sowa Rigpa, Natural Construction, Ganita, Hora and Arthasastra)
    promoting research & learning to inspire younger generation towards holistic & sustainable living

Enterprise Risk

Predict Risk

Creative visualization of worst case scenarios, possibilities, contagion and inter linkages based on symbiotic nature of ecosystem with its diversity across time cycles;

may be find a solution as ones problem could be a cure for another;

While hoping that most of our predictions do not materialize, so that businesses are protected;

Protect Value Accretion

By understanding actors and drivers as businesses grow and/or merge; looking out for forgotten context & inter linkages which may have lead to atrophy & frauds - over Time, changing loyalties/leaders tune, market fads and business cycles;

Vett a solution to know if the cure is worse than the problem;

Sustain Business

By protecting people, assets, reputation & operations to ensure the entity sustains through cycles of growth and forced decay;

By being a responsible and sustainable stakeholder in the ecosystem; 


Keeping multi-dimensional & holistic Enterprise Risk in sight, we dive deep into few specialties viz., Financial Risk and Cyber Risk; much like high flying Eagle's vision and ability to dive towards its prey on ground;

We will be honored if we can protect businesses from predicted and/or identified risks (via restructuring, course correction, better controls, change of tone/culture, better ideals to strive for) based on our experience & setbacks;

We do have a way to salvage some part of losses via bespoke risk based Insurance program supported by actuarial science.

Anvikshiki Sarvajna - Financial Risk

Financial Risk: Lifeblood of business

Pareto analysis of portfolio allocation vs value across time & business cycles; creative usage of funds by staff across geographies; stress testing & scenario analysis; interest/revenue leakage; credit risk analysis due to changed business scenarios; quantification and pricing of risk;

Anvikshiki Sarvajna - Cyber Risk

Cyber Security Risk: Omnipresent element

fit-for-purpose holistic approach (driven by threat risk, architecture, business context and sustainability to maintain); incorporating unique interplay of stakeholders, supply chain factors with human & culture components; driven by unique play of enterprise risks flowing into cyberspace and vice versa; an ambidextrous (aka vendor neutral) approach incorporating open and proprietary technologies into its quiver;

As a last resort, we craft bespoke cyber insurance terms and price them.

Insurance: Last resort of safety

Anvikshiki Sarvajna - Insurance

Need based Insurance program driven by Risk (holistic & predictive) supported by actuarial data science; bespoke terms to cater for unique circumstances of business & emerging risks; striving towards prevention yet supporting value accretion and business sustainability; creation of bespoke insurance products backed by risk and actuarial experts; in a transparent manner.

Anvikshiki Sarvajna - Research & Advisry Services
Anvikshiki Sarvajna - Vedas & Shastras
Anvikshiki Sarvajna - Sowa Rigpa Buddha

Foundation: Traditional Sciences _

Starting with collecting and later growing ones food in a bio-dynamic and symbiotic fashion viz., Ayurveda and Sowa-Rigpa (Vrkshayurveda/ Arboreal) culminating into fine food (Paakashastra/ Culinary & Dietetics) personalized to ones health, age, and location in sync with natural seasons;

Building ones shelter based on natural eco-friendly construction practices;

Moving into basic sciences - Ganita and Horashastra for calculation and prediction;

Culminating into Arthashastra for earning & maintaining wealth, statecraft, and military strategy.

Promote research & learning aiming to produce better citizens who can build/appreciate sustainable institutions/businesses with holistic outlook while respecting stakeholders.

Pro Bono

We feel it is an honor to serve society (pro bono) using our professional experience in domains of nature conservation, natural farming, last mile healthcare & education, research (towards common good) and those upholding traditions/sampradaya or shastras.


We have on our panel, experienced professionals whose well rounded, hands-on global experience (with local context) in industry is respected world wide.